Saturday, March 17, 2012

ipad, nook, kindle?

So, I've been traveling a lot this month--school visit marathon!-- and I'm starting to bend towards getting a e-reading device. I loathe checking in bags but being pregnant has made carrying books that much more unwieldy. The idea of carrying a library in a single device has become more and more attractive with each trip I take and with the old ipads dropping in price I am starting to be very, very tempted.

But is the ipad the right device to get? Even though my single purchase is not even a drop in the larger battle of e-books, I'd like to get the one that helps book publishing the most. Apple certainly doesn't seem to need any help (and is of course the most expensive option as well as recent reports of its dubious manufacturing practices). Getting a kindle seems rather like a betrayal of the book industry, considering how ruthless Amazon is to both publishers and indie bookstores. While the nook would support B&N & not indies, at least it would help B&N stay afloat against Amazon. Which device would support the book industry the most, do you think?


Libby Koponen said...

I don't know which would support the book industry the most but I am coming to think that maybe ebooks make people buy books more: it's so easy and tempting to buy books.

On the plane coming home, I counted how many people were reading ebooks and how many were reading book books, and the ebooks were way ahead (28 to 12 or something -- not exact, I always find numbers really hard to remember).

I have an ipad, but it's really hard on the eyes--MUCH more so than a book book. I only use it when I travel, for the reason you site: books are so heavy to carry! I like being able to turn the pages, but I have to say that other than for reading, I find my ipad fairly useless. I LOVE my macbook air but the ipad really can't do much. I don't even like to read email on it.

But, it stays powered on for 10 hours at least and it is nice to be able to turn the pages -- I find the way the Kindle goes blank between pages really distracting and disruptive to being in the story.

Recently I got a fan letter from a girl who had read BOTM on an ipad -- she said that the pictures didn't come through very well but she still liked reading on the ipad because it was so much faster to get the books.



Barbara O'Connor said...

You can download Google Reader to an iPad and buy ebooks from indies.

Jean Wogaman said...

I love my Nook tablet. It handles a lot of the same non-reading functions an iPad does at about half the size and price. I suspect picture books look better on the larger iPad. You can buy books through either B&N or Google (supporting indies), or borrow from e-libraries.

My mother has the original Nook. It uses e-ink, so looks more like a paper book. It's easier on the eyes, but it's all black and white and you can't surf the internet with it. My daughter tried out the Nook Simple Touch (a newer version than my mother's), but had trouble accessing the internet via Verizon FiOS, so she exchanged it, then gave up on Nook entirely when the second one didn't connect either. She has an old Sony Reader, but never uses it. She says the page turns aren't smooth enough.

My father has the iPad. It's larger, full color, and excellent for web-surfing. I find the screen a little large for my text-only reading sensibilities, but Dad loves it. He bought a keyboard attachment and has used it for word-processing too. IPad is definitely the best for viewing artwork online.

No one in my family has opted for the Kindle.

Meghan McCarthy said...

From everything I've read, Amazon and the Kindle is bad for publishing... so don't do it. Get an iPad or a Nook. What do you ultimately want to do with it? If you want to watch a lot of movies and stuff and go on the internet then I'd say go with the iPad. If you want to do more reading then go with a lighter devise that's easier on the eyes. I say go into the store and play with them. See what you like. I've noticed that the Nook devices get slow and lag a lot in the store but I've been told it's because they're used all of the time and never turned off. HOWEVER I never turn off my iphone and I use that all of the time, so... You know... I'm an apple fan.


Meghan McCarthy said...

Oh, one other thing: my book looks TERRIBLE on the nook and GREAT on the ipad. I know you don't want to read picture books on them but if you want to support a devise that is going to gel well with the future... go for apple.

Meghan McCarthy said...

On a plane I always carry a book and a magazine because for a half of the trip they tell you to turn off your devices! You're stuck on the tarmac and they tell you to shut them off. You're in the air for the first bit and then for the last half hour almost... It's always good to have a paper back up!!! Go paper!

James said...

I have the iPad. I read books on it using the nook app and the kindle app. I also use it for showing keynote presentations on a projector at school visits. And it's fun to draw on too using a Wacom Bamboo stylus and apps like sketchbook pro or art rage. If you're looking to do more than just read books I'd say get an iPad.

My wife has the Nook simple touch and she really likes that. She's constantly downloading books and it easily fits in her purse.

Grace Lin said...

thanks, everyone! I am leaning towards the ipad, though I haven't had a chance to get to the store and check out the nook to compare. I like how the nook is smaller--I already have a macair so I'm not sure if the ipad would be redundant... glad to know that I can at least eliminate the Kindle!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Grace, I just played with the new ipad last night. It's sweet! It's lighter than the old ones I think. If you're at all into music it's SO much fun. The garage band components are amazing. I might buy one just to use as a drum pad.

alvinaling said...

Honestly, if I were you I might invest in both the iPad and then maybe the Nook Simple Touch, which isn't that expensive (that's what G has). The iPad will probably be useful for you down the line to get picture books and apps, etc. But the eInk devices will be best for reading. Personally, I can't read books on the iPad, both because it's backlist, and also because I get distracted by everything else you can do on the iPad (email, Twitter, Facebook, games, etc.).

alvinaling said...

backlit, not backlist. Publishing on the brain!