Friday, November 16, 2012

Glad to Be Back!

Sorry that I have been away from Blue Rose Girls for so long. I’ve been busy taking care of my granddaughter Julia and with renovation plans for our new home. (You can see some pictures of our new place it here.)
We plan to have some built-ins installed--a china cabinet in our dining area and bookshelves in our upstairs den/office--before we move in. I really need a place to put the thousands of children’s books that I have acquired over the years. I want to keep them for Julia. She LOVES books! She so enjoys looking through her books, pointing to things in the illustrations, and talking as if she is actually reading them. It is such fun to watch and to listen to her—and to have her sit on my lap when I read her the same books.

Yesterday morning, I walked into her bedroom just after she awoke. She stood up in her crib and pointed to the basket of books in a corner of her room. I knew which book she wanted—Clare Beaton’s Action Rhymes. It's one of her favorites. I fetched it for her. She then sat down in her crib and began “reading” it. Sometimes, she insists that we take the book downstairs with us.

I will definitely miss the library that we built in our basement after I retired in 2004. It took me that entire summer to bring all of my children's books home from school.
Here are pictures of my present library.

At Wild Rose Reader today, I have some poetry and two song videos for Thanksgiving.


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