Monday, December 10, 2012

"It Gets Better" and "Brown, Brown, and Little, Brown."


Okay, so unlike people who work at Random House, employees of Hachette Book Group are not all receiving a $5,000 bonus this year. But I really can't complain (plus, I was here during the heyday of The Twilight Saga, and one year we all received a nice additional bonus).

I do so love working at Hachette Book Group--in fact, I often joke that I've "drunk the Kool-aid"--but really, we're not a cult! I promise!

I love Hachette Book group for things like this:

This was an employee-driven project that had full support of our CEO and management. We had a nice event in the office to premiere the video for employees, and there were many wet eyes in the room when the video ended (my own included). So touching and powerful and brave.

The previous week, we had another wonderful company event, "Brown, Brown and Little, Brown" where we invited author and illustrators Marc Brown and Peter Brown to speak about books, art, and life. Our Senior Art Director Patti Ann Harris was the gracious emcee, and it was an entertaining and inspiring event. Topics ranged from what book inspired them as a kid (Where the Wild Things Are for Marc, and The Rainbow Goblins for Peter), who would play them in a movie about their life (Divine for Marc, Ryan Gosling for Peter), and more. Then we played a quick game of Pictionary using book titles (Marc had to draw The Hunger Games, Peter drew A Clockwork Orange). Photos courtesy of Lisa Moraleda:
Peter Brown and Marc Brown, together for the first time!
Pictionary! Guess the title?
me, Peter, Patti Ann Harris, Megan Tingley, and Marc
Marc signing TEN TINY TOES, Peter signing YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!
This event was the brainchild of our Executive Editorial Director of Picture Books, Liza Baker. Alas, because of Hurricane Sandy, this event had been rescheduled, so she was on maternity leave (she just welcomed her third child to the world!) and couldn't be there, but she was able to watch remotely from home.

Events like this keep us all inspired, and remind us what it is we're working for--even in the busiest of times, I think it's important to make time to remember.

Hope everyone's holiday season is peaceful and happy!

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Amy B. from VA said...

Love, love, love the video! I would be proud to work for Hachette too after seeing that production come together! I was most fascinated by....the New York accents! LOL!