Monday, April 01, 2013

VOTE on the 50-word stories


Please vote for your favorite  50-word story in the comments by April 7.

You can vote anonymously and comment or not, as you wish -- but do please vote via the Comment box by April 7.

We'll email the winner, ask if she wants chocolate or a book (some people said when they entered, some did not), and announce the winner on April 8.


“Leave the iPad behind!”  
My island-bred kids are sullen.  The speedboat will deprive them of cyber-fun:  
“Been to Staffa before… Too cold…. Get seasick….. ”
Slumped, reluctant shoulders are slowly, inadvertently uplifted into sea-spray, wind and sunlight as the boat jolts through glistening waves, then planes – exultant - towards open sea.

2. Oodles of Poodles in Paris, France (50 words)

It’s a Paris tour, bon jour!
Boy pups with all their clutter,
Set long lashes aflutter.
Bow-wow! Kiss mail set a-sail. . .
Stray waiters with noodles
and quay painters with doodles
slow chance romance.
Enfin! In the tail-tale airmail sails.
Our poodles wave “Toodles!”
with one last glance at Paris, France.

Heather Harris-Brady

"Worry never goes away," Mama said to Sophie. Sophie didn't understand. "Unless you're grateful," Mama added. So Sophie made a list. Birds. Blueberries. Wind. Whirligigs. Before Sophie could finish, Mama had made a grateful list of her own starting with the name of her girl. Sophie.


Anonymous 4.
Two black cats, boxing at midnight. Two against one frantically squeaking mouse. The mouse is battered from playful paws. The cats aren’t hungry; the mouse darts under the kitchen island. The best cat toys are the ones that move. The cats forfeit when the mouse surrenders; exhaustion wins the mouse’s life. 
Katana Leig

The man sharpened his blade, the time had come.

He walked alone. Fall leaves fell behind him creating shadows that played with his mind. Before another could rest upon the ground to decay, he stabbed the metal chest. Oil seeped into the earth from the life-like machine keeping him prisoner.

Blogger Naomi Canale



by Dea Irby

Two teen-aged girls giggled in the van's back seat; their moms chatted in the front. Giggles flooded the dressing rooms in every store as they tried on many different outfits. Four stores, no clothes. Giggles continued on the ride home. It was a successful shopping day.

BloggerDea Irby

7. Priceless by D. M. King

An evil darkness eclipsed the desert, so Caleb Grady stuffed the golden relic in between his vest and his heart. If all the stories were true, he’d be rich. Six more steps through the blazing sand, and he’d be home free. Lightning cracked. The statue survived. A dream died.

Blogger ryter222 dking

8.Blogger Distraction

When Grandma flung back the fishing line, she never suspected the surprising catch of the day. Likewise, Hopper, her grandson who sculpted a fortified sand castle nearby, never imagined his own impending adventure. Backward out of the sky dropped the lure that pierced Hopper’s lip, Grandma’s greatest catch ever.
Krisan Murphy

Feeling her soul slip its mortal tether, Sybil gazed past breaking waves. What if she just swam until exhaustion set her free? No. Back at the beach cottage, she gave her grandsons one last hug, lay on her bed and whispered, “See Ya;” her soul rising with the words.

AnonymousSarah Maury Swan

We first met at a charity gala, our bruises hidden under designer gowns and cosmetics.

Our husbands died soon after. So untimely. So wealthy.

She loves Caribbean islands with Adonis arm candy. I prefer a Rolls-Royce and freedom.

Yearly, we visit their graves with our undying gratitude, and plastic flowers.

Anonymous Marnie


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There were a number of good stories, but the last one,# 10, is my pick. Anonymous

firefly said...

I vote 10. I really like it!

Naomi Canale said...

#10 is pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

All good entries. But #10 really grabbed me.

Anonymous said...

I vote #10...I love a good murder mystery!

Paula said...

All of them were good, but I must cast my vote for # 10. The writer says so much with so few words. There's character development, mystery, story arc and resolution, all in fifty words! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

10 was totally tops.

Anonymous said...

#10 is the best! Really draws you in