Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2 things

It was fun to see Olvina and the astronauts in the same display -- they weren't shelved next to each other, but a quick (and temporary) move fixed that.

In the same bookstore, Grace and I also ran into someone who had been an editorial assistant at a big publishing company; mergers and layoffs had left her working in the bookstore. She's now planning to become a massage therapist.

Of course I'm always aware of how close to the edge most writers' and artists' lives are, but I'd imagined that editors' lives were more secure. Then I started thinking of how few editors I've ever met who are middle-aged, let alone old. Probably no one can comment on this, even anonymously, but it would be really interesting to know how secure in their jobs editors actually are -- or feel.

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alvinaling said...

As long as I feel that I'm doing a good job, I feel secure in my employment, but only when my company/department is doing well (which, thankfully, we are). But in this past year I've seen so many talented and respected editors of all levels lose their jobs, and it reminds me to not take things for granted.