Sunday, August 24, 2008

Question of the week: How are you procrastinating?

Grace: I keep going to secondhand stores and looking for old dry good containers to enlarge my homonym garden. These are my most recent finds:

Anna: Searching for the perfect present for my Uncle's 70th birthday tomorrow. So far I have The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, a trashy mystery novel, and some Deadwood DVDs... just need one more thing to top it off...

Alvina: Watching the Olympics, of course! I wrote a little more about my obsession on my personal blog here.

Libby: Setting up a bowl for REAL goldfish, who I got thanks to______ 's comment on this blog. Goldfish are more interesting than I would have thought -- did you know that their color comes from exposure to the sun? At the pet store they had some black ones and some white ones, too.

I chose one small one (Swift) and one larger one (Sure) -- the names come from a ship, The Swiftsure, commanded by my heroine's father.

Here they are on their way home from the pet store, looking kind of freaked out:

And here they are at home:

Anya upstairs (a graduate student who specializes in fish) told me that goldfish can only remember things for 3 seconds, but I don't think this can be right, because at first they were fascinated by the fake fish at the bottom of the tank (not the little red ones, the big orange one with a tail). Now they ignore it. They liked the starfish, too, but now they ignore that. I will move the tank around and add new shells often so they don't get bored; and if they seem bored, or start getting whiter, I'll bring them back to the big tank at the pet store.

PS Everyone will, I hope, notice an improvement in my photography soon when I start taking pictures with my new camera instead of my cell phone. But I know from experience that setting up any new device takes more time than I want to put into that right now. The fish were enough procrastination for today!