Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm developing a new contest. It might have something to do with building a giant space ship. What award would be appropriate if one were to build a space ship (out of any material) or space capsule? It has to be GIANT so I'm going to come up with size requirements. I don't care if it's built out of cardboard and sheets, but you must send me a photo. And of course, the kiddies are invited to create. But what award? Several free books? Stickers? More? Let me know your thoughts.

Also, I've noticed that many reviewers are saying that my book ASTRONAUT HANDBOOK is appropriate for "kids who want to be astronauts." Let me divulge a secret. I did NOT want to be an astronaut! YET I wanted to know all about them and still do. So really, I think the book appeals to others besides the ones who like claustrophobic spaces.


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