Wednesday, October 06, 2010

my studio

posted by Grace Lin

Like Meghan, I love seeing people's studios. Recently I checked out (virtually, not in person) Jenny B Harris's and Liz Dubois's studios, as well as where Laura Resau works. I have some serious workplace envy! So even though (or maybe because) I have a lot of work to do, I cleaned my own studio to be viewed!

My studio, which used to look like this has had to change since the arrival of my Sasquatch. Making my mess of a studio into more of an oasis has been a work in process. But at least now it is a clean one!

Because after a good 24 hours of organizing, decluttering, dusting and vacuuming, the studio looks like this:
You can see the floors! You can see the tables!

It does still look a little cluttered though:
(but you should have seen it before)

My favorite studio revision is that I now have a little reading corner:

with our wedding cranes hanging overhead:

One of which is watching over my Newbery award!

So my clean studio will probably last...a week? maybe two? I guess it depends on how much more work I have to procrastinate do.


Anjali said...

I love it! So inviting and sweet.

Anna Alter said...

Its so cozy now, I love it! The reading corner is great.

Libby Koponen said...

I love the colors, too - yellow, pink, orange, what could be better?

Meghan McCarthy said...

Grace, you've got the prettiest studio I've ever seen! I'm inspired! I must go clean mine now!