Thursday, October 07, 2010


Here's a female artist I like:

Elizabeth McGrath

Here are a few more:
Pia Guerra
Marilyn Minter
Camille Rose Garcia

Yup, no kids' book art here! I guess what you'd call all but the bottom artist is "pop surrealism" or some people call it "lowbrow art," though others don't like that term. I guess if I wasn't doing children's books I'd love to be doing something in that movement. I'm hoping that my graphic novel idea is a little more edgy, but we'll see. I know the topic sure is!

One artist played my "pick 15 artists" game. This is Brian Bigg's list:
Edward Gorey
Jacques Tardi
Chris Ware
Seymour Chwast
Arnold Lobel
Richard Scarry
Walt Disney
Saul Steinberg
B. Kliban
George Tooker
Ben Shahn
Jorge Colombo
Robert Crumb
Bill Watterson
Maurice Sendak

I think he put a few on there that I left out. Those frog and toad books... man... I loved those as a kid! I'm now going through his list and looking up all the artists I don't know. I love discovering new people!

I have to run off to get my art piece that I got framed for the society of illustrators and turn it in before it's too late! Eeek! When I get home hopefully I'll have time to post some studio photos. Thanks Grace for posting yours!


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