Monday, October 18, 2010

the sad state of affairs in the land of picture books

This NYT article claims that parents don't want to buy their 5 year old picture books anymore because they are going for The Phantom Toll Booth or some other novel. It's seriously depressing. Picture books are needed in so many ways for that age groups. Parents need to let kids be kids and stop PUSHING!!!


Holly Bodger said...

I TOTALLY agree! Our kids only get to be young once. Just because they CAN live as grown-ups (by reading chapter books or watching grown-up shows) doesn't mean they should. There is nothing wrong with being young. Let's stop making our kids think there is!

Susan Lorene said...

I have such faith in picture books. They have so much to offer, and they challenge the mind on so many levels. Parents will come back to them.

Anonymous said...

Did you see my comment which I sent in a week or so after you had posted about the fine points of your art?
It was about the popularity of POP here in Hawaii. I finally bought it online.

posse said...

Picture books are needed for all age groups! I loved reading picture books as a kid and I still love reading them as an adult.

Meghan McCarthy said...

Well, I hope picture books survive and that this whole - lets let little kids read only novels thing is a phase. I don't understand why parents can't let kids do both. They're not seeing the big picture here. When I was about that at my mom would read us picture books and then a chapter or two from a novel. I loved the novels but I loved the picture books. And I don't see why a 5 year old should be expected to read yet. That's kindergarten! Or lately not even. They're not ready!

And thanks to the person who posted about my the popularity of my books. Well, I hope they're popular to some small extent anyway. We shall see. I would love to stop struggling at some point. I know other people have had a hard time getting Pop. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it! It could be because it was in the NYT perhaps and the print run ran out but i'm not really sure.