Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life imitates children's books

Some of you may remember that I'm writing articles for our local PATCH. The one that posted yesterday is my favorite so far, and it IS kids' book related -- something I've wanted to do ever since I read about it in the Little House Books. And no, it's not go sledding.

Here's the article.

But, until it snowed and I was sledding with three children, never thought of doing it when it was actually possible TO do it.

To me, it's surprising how different writing for a newspaper is than writing fiction or even this blog. I leave out so many details about the children that I would normally put in. For example, if I'd been posting about this, or writing a chapter in a novel about it, I would have had Mitchell (the boy in the blue snow suit) saying eagerly:

"I'll do it for you because I'm quicker!"

and then running out to fill his saucer with snow.


Meghan McCarthy said...

Really interesting story Libby! I've never heard of doing this before. You can't really do it in NYC because everything is so dirty but next time I'm at my parents house I'll give it a go. I like your photo!

Libby Koponen said...

THANKS, Meghan! I must admit that this is my favorite photo that I've taken (so far). There was something about the composition of it that I just really liked.

I am really trying hard with my photograph and really appreciate the tips you gave me when I was taking those turkey pictures.

So thanks for that too.