Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm tempted to do something crazy.

My astronaut book is due next week. If it doesn't make it... well... things will be ugly. Today I work from 2-10:30 at B&N... tomorrow I work... Monday I work... when exactly do I have time to paint? This week I've had PT twice, I got a skin biopsy, got tested for lyme disease.... so basically all I do is run around to different appointments during the week when I'm not working at B&N. That means finishing this book will be next to impossible! And last week I had HALF of the book left to paint! It usually takes me a week to do 2 finishes... but to finish this book I'd have to do a painting a day! Not really possible.

But here's what I'm tempted to do:

What if I posted an update of my artwork everyday online? You could all see how far I'm getting... or not getting. It would be like a bad reality show.

Is that a bad idea?



Anonymous said...

I like the idea...unless posting takes time away from painting! ; )


Meghan McCarthy said...

Oh, it will take away from painting... but I'm trying to give my editor a heartattack... just kidding Erin!


Anonymous said...


Are you still awake painting? It is 11:00 pm in San Francisco, thus 2:00 am in New York. (Or is it Brooklyn?) Hope you are making good progress.

Yes, please. Show and tell. It is always fun when you post the art.


Take care. Health must come first.

Anonymous said...

Take a sick day.

Libby Koponen said...

I like that idea: it will be fun to see the paintings day by long as posting them isn't too distracting for you.

Post away, I am also really glad to be able to skip it this week.

Unknown said...

Great idea, Meghan. I'd like to see your work in progress. Be sure to put little copyright symbols everywhere so that no one gets tempted.

Anonymous said...
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