Saturday, August 18, 2007

Inspired by Anna

Anna's painting-on-a-box post got me thinking.....and when she gave me her old Mac, I decided to set it up in the "lucky spot" and write there, without connecting to the Internet.

The "lucky spot,"according to Amiko, is the Southeast corner of your house -- and in my apartment, it happens to be the sunny yellow windowseat where I always begin my day. It has a view of the water and, not coincidentally, of my garden....(the grid is the window screen)

So, on Friday I set Anna's old Mac up in the window seat, where I could stretch out. And I discovered that I LOVE MACS!!! Even the fonts are better -- Caslon on the Mac is bigger and rounder and more generous than it is on my laptop, which is a PC.

I don't know if it was because I couldn't go on line -- well, I COULD have, but it would have meant getting up and going to my other computer--enough of an undertaking for me to resist the impulse and go on writing, or where I was sitting, or the Mac font, or the bigger monitor, or not being interrupted by checking for those exciting emails, but I really concentrated, saw the book differently, and had the best writing day I've had all summer.

Thank you Anna!


Barbara O'Connor said...

I'm inspired and motivated - maybe, just maybe, I can write on my computer without the internet - World's Number One Distraction.

Your perfect corner looks wonderful.

Congrats on that writing day!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the good writing day! That's a wonderful thing.

Anna Alter said...

Thats awesome Libby, I'm glad the computer is giving you a good place to write! Aren't macs fabulous? I'm glad I could contribute to another convert...