Monday, April 21, 2008

Another office move

This will be a short post today--I worked on my SCBWI Austin speech all afternoon on Saturday, only to decide to scrap it and start over on Sunday after talking it over with the Blue Rose Girls at lunch yesterday (not that they advised me to start over, it was just that talking to them inspired me to refocus the talk). I had been trying to combine my first two ideas from last week, but now I'm going to mainly focus on #2. My talk is tentatively titled "The Realities of Children's Book Publishing." If there's a specific question/topic that you'd like me to cover under this umbrella, feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments section! Thanks so much. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions regarding my talk AND places to go in Austin! I'm hankering for some good mac and cheese.

And now I'll leave you with pictures from my new office. I moved offices yet again on Friday. You may recall that I moved to an office on the atrium in January. I quite liked the office, but the problem was that it was on the other side of the building, away from my department. An office recently opened up back on the children's side of the building, and so I packed up my belongings into boxes yet again and made what I hope will be my final office move. I'm happy to be in my first windowed office! Big time, I tell you.

Here's my empty old office:
I left behind some SERGIO stickers on my window:
And here's the new space (not fully unpacked/organized--I'm planning on hanging my snowflakes from the Robert's snow auction on the pillar!):

And here's the two things I did manage to hang--an original piece of art of FLIGHT OF THE DODO from Peter Brown, and the star with HOPE stamped on it in honor of CALL ME HOPE by Gretchen Olson.

My view from my desk:

Let's hope I don't have to spend any more time in the near future packing and unpacking...


Anna Alter said...

ooo a window, congrats alvina! I like the green wall color.

saramoohead said...

Just call me Little Miss Suggestion: you could talk about how editors feel about writers publishing with multiple publishing houses. If you start out with only one publishing house and then branch to another, or if you always work with more than one. Or if halfway through your career you start to shop yourself around. (Probably more relevant to fiction writers than illustrators.) How much is editor-loyalty still a reality?

Susan Sandmore said...

I'd love to hear you talk about "What I'd Like To Do Vs. What I Can Do"--(I being you, not me). I guess that falls under "The Realities..." It would be interesting to hear you compare how things would be ideally in your work with how they really are.

Anonymous said...

Marketing and publicity realities. What are the realities of publisher support? How are marketing dollars distributed among titles? What can an author/illustrator expect from a publisher and what can they do for themselves and their book.

I recently read Sticks and Stones by Jack Zipes, in which he affirmed my observation that children's publishing tends to throw a lot of titles out in hopes that one or two will take. Is this true from your perspective?

Also what are the current realities of book sales? Is it true that book sales are moving to Target, Wallmart, Costco and Starbucks? If this is true, how does an author/illustrator help their books in these venues?


p.s. Would love to read your talk. Will you be posting it anywhere after you give it?

Chris Barton said...

For writers who are talented but unpublished and unagented, how big an obstacle to (favorably) impressing an editor is the sheer volume of submissions (paper or electronic) from other writers? And what can they do to improve their chances?

If only there were someone in Austin dedicated to getting you that mac & cheese...

Rita said...

Big time!! Big time, big time!!!

That's sweet.

Remember that post you did a while back on how book auctions work? I have no idea if that will fit in your talk or not, but I remember it was really informative.

alvinaling said...

ha--Rita, funny you should say that, because I DID put that into my talk. In fact, I put too many things into my talk and went over my time, and also didn't finish what I had planned to say. Argh! Oh well. I'll do better next time.

alvinaling said...

And thank you everyone for all your suggestions, I did actually put in a lot of them into the talk.

Katherine, I'll try to post some of my talk. Some of it, actually, I took from former blog posts. Either way, it'll all get out there eventually!