Friday, August 22, 2008

enchanted forest

Ah, yet another photo series. When I was a kid I went to the enchanted forest--a play land with the lady in the shoe, alice in wonderland, etc. It closed down because of lack of funds. Lo and behold, it's right down the street from my parents' house! And I love abandoned places. Here are a few photos:

The series will be up soon. One might wonder why I'm doing this instead of book work. Well, it's the same thing as me being super sick and in pain and working out like crazy--it's a needed distraction for my over busy mind.


ChatRabbit said...

Ohhh, nooooo...that's so sad.
Just as bad as Rocky Point.
We took our kids here when they were little, just before it shut.

Wendie O said...

Enchanted Forest? I remember that place. I took my kids there. The strange thing is -- There's an Enchanted Forrest Shopping Center built on part of the park's land -- and behind the shopping center you can see the buildings Meghan has posted here. very erie. (but I never had the courage to actually go down into the amusement area like she did.)

Hope you're feeling better today.. -wendieO

Kimbra Kasch said...

We have an Enchanted Forest - here in Oregon, just outside of Portland. But this one, you show, is soooo sad :(

But it looks like an interesting place to visit.