Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm back from Arizona and welcomed by crazy crowds at B&N and a broken car window (AGAIN). Happy Christmas to me.

Most of the trip went very smoothly except for the last part, where my (I guess it was the Lupus) flared up and I almost puked in a parent's car and then puked in a librarian's house at least three times and proceeded to lay on her bathroom floor in agony until I got driven back to the hotel, and while on the way I managed to puke again and get vomit all over me. I feared that I'd have to cancel my flight back but miraculously I was okay the next day.

Did I mention that my life sucks?

The last photo is of my sister and the tour guide. We went horse back riding on my day off, which was fun. We also checked out a small rodeo and I was VERY temped to try it out for myself--no qualifications and only 30 bucks! Of course a small voice inside my head said I may break a bone so I thought it wouldn't be responsible since I had to get up at the crack of dawn and do four school talks the next day. But then another voice said that I'm sick all the time so why not break a bone. Who cares? Anyway, I didn't ride a bull. I did the responsible thing.


alvinaling said...

The pictures are great--those kids looks so transfixed! Sorry you've been so sick lately, but I'm glad it sounds like overall the trip went well. Under the circumstances. I hope you feel better soon...

Meghan McCarthy said...

Ha, actually the picture of those kids was before I started talking. I took that picture. They'd look even more into it if I had someone take a picture WHILE I was talking, I would hope! Actually, there was a lot of shouting when I showed certain slides.