Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon TRAILER and more

So lots of little bits of news to share!

First, here is the extended trailer I promised after last month's teaser. It's a sneak peak of some of the color illustrations inside (even though WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON is a novel-grades 3 to 6- it will have full color illustrations, like the classic fairytale books). If your band width allows, please view it in High Quality (hit the HQ button at the bottom)--it makes a big difference.

I am so, so, so impressed with what my friend Alex (film editor) and my cousin Austin (composer/musician) created. I think they should start a book trailer business!

(PS--if you are a teacher and cannot access youtube, I also have the trailer available here on Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Book Trailer on Teacher Tube)

Secondly, I'm on auction! Or rather my art is:

My monthly painting for small graces is now taking bidders. Just in case you don't remember, I'm donating a painting a month to the Foundation of Children's Books to fund author visits to under served schools. Here is this month's painting:
You can bid on it NOW!

Also my donation to the Bridget Zinn auction is up too!

This is an auction to benefit Bridget Zinn, an author and librarian recently diagnosed with colon cancer. I donated original art and books from Robert's Snow. Both books are out of print now and the art is original--so this is a great chance!

You can bid on my art and books by leaving a comment on the auction listing.

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alvinaling said...

I love the Proverb painting this month! And I guess many others do too, because when I went to bid I saw it's already over $500--yikes! But YAY!