Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Abigail Spells is out at last!

Last week Abigail made her debut in bookstores, hurray! I am so proud of this book, and so excited that kids will be able to read it at last. For those of you that have been following our blog for a long time, you will remember this book going through many stages... from picking Abigail's handkerchief color, to choosing color schemes and patterns, to making the paintings. I posted about making a jacket sketch, painting the jacket (also here), and finishing the artwork.

Now that the book is finally in bookstores, the work to get the word out begins. Speaking of which, I have just launched a web site for Abigail: www.abigailspells.com. The site is a collaboration between myself and my computer genius fella- the one with the cupcake below! He helped me put together some Abigail spelling video games in a few short weeks by learning flash and animating Abigail... check out the "games" page to see her yourself!

If you'd like to learn more about the creation of the book, I have a number of events coming up this month where I will be presenting, showing artwork, and signing books. You can see a full schedule of where I will be here, but here are some highlights (all are free and open to the public):

This Saturday May 9th, I will be speaking about and signing both Old Red Shoe and Abigail Spells at Olivia Browning in Charlestown.
10:30-12:00 Preschool program and art activity
1:00-2:30 Grade school program and art activity

I will be celebrating the release of Abigail Spells at The Andover Bookstore. Come join me to learn about how the book was created, play spelling games and activities for kids.
May 23rd at 10:30 am

I will be signing Abigail Spells at Newtonville Books. Learn about the making of the book and see the original artwork!
June 27th Program will begin at 10:30 am


Libby Koponen said...

I wish I could come up for some of these. It's a great book and I would think that even if I hadn't seen it grow. Best wishes to Abigail!

Meghan McCarthy said...

I must go get that book!

laurasalas said...

Congratulations! This book looks so cute. I've just put it on reserve at my library. (The suburban Minneapolis library system has 15 copies--yay!)