Friday, December 04, 2009

Grace Lin Appears on the Today Show

Grace talks about her fantasy novel Where the Mountain Meets the Moon with Al Roker.


janet wong said...

Grace really did a great job of connecting with her young interviewers--showed she's a school visit pro!

I think the thankfulness answer was particularly revealing of her "glass-half-full" view of life. And yet--no goody two shoes!-- I like the way she brought up cultural discomfort/shame, a real issue in areas where few people look like you. Hopefully this is a disappearing problem thanks to books like Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

Great job, Grace!

Elaine Magliaro said...


I agree with your review of Grace's appearance. She didn't seem nervous at all...or hesitant with her answers to the children's and Al Roker's questions.

Grace is definitely a pro at connecting with kids. She's genuine and so personable. And what a wondeful smile she has!!!

Anna Alter said...

Yay Grace!!! You did an amazing job! I like how honest and thoughtful your answers are, you can tell the kids are rapt with attention- bravo!

laurasalas said...

Way to go, Grace! You did a super job, and your dress and new jade bracelet looked lovely. Congrats!

Libby Koponen said...

Yes -- you were relaxed and animated, perfect. The kids seemed to really love you and the book. Bravo, Grace!

Z-Kids said...

That was wonderful! Congrats!