Monday, December 14, 2009

Risd Sale 09 recap

The sale on Saturday was a lot of fun as usual! Here is Grace and I at our table where we dutifully sold books and prints from morning til night.

Grace brought a sea of Lissy dolls that looked adorable all piled together.

For my part I had lots of bird prints, books, and the buttons you all so graciously helped me to design.

Throughout the day we couldn't help but ogle these amazing scarves by Jeung-Hwa Park directly across from our booth... so tempting to scoop them up!

Just look at the incredible colors.

I always love chatting with Dorothy Imagire, who generously traded with me a few years ago. I have two of her amazing waxed photos in my kitchen.

This year she had these really cool table settings with phrases painted and etched on the surface. The silverware said things like "vegan" and "gluten-free".

I love this plate (click to enlarge).

I also discovered the work of the very talented Deborah Foreman, who makes these beautiful circle paintings. I love the textures and color combinations.

All in all it was a fun day and a good sale. Its nice to go back and run into old friends and make new ones. After the sale we got together with Alvina and Libby for our annual dinner and resolution setting, I'll let Alvina post about that tomorrow!


Grace Lin said...

and we didn't leave our money behind on the table like we did last time, either!

Anna Alter said...

ha ha, yes we are becoming quite savvy.

rahul said...
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