Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon: A Retrospective

I was ecstatic last week when I got news that Grace had won a Newbery Honor Award for her wonderful fantasy novel Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

I put together a little retrospective post at Wild Rose Reader with videos of Grace talking about Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, the book trailer, pictures that I took at the launch party for the book, and the celebratory dinner we Blue Rose Girls had after the party.

Here's the link to my post at Wild Rose Reader:
Looking Back: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon


Anonymous said...

In the Steve Katsos interview, Grace mentioned that she'd been inspired by some Chinese tales she'd been reading. A week or so ago, I read a summary of the book on the web in which the summarizer said that it was Japanese tales, which surprised me. Grace's comment on the Katsos interview cleared it up.
By the way, you're to be thanked for bringing the pictures and videos to us!

Grace Lin said...

hello anon!

Thanks so much for commenting. I don't know where you read that the book was inspired by Japanese tales but it is incorrect. All the tales that "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" are inspired from have Chinese origins--however there are a great many Asian tales, Japanese included, that have very similar motifs & plots (there is a lot of crossover) so the mix-up is understandable!