Monday, October 04, 2010


On facebook I posted some of my favorite artists "...who have influenced you and will always stick with you." That's a tough job! I invited others to do the same.

This was my list:

Gary Baseman
Monte Beauchamp
Benjamin Gudel
Maurice Sendak
Tom Friedman
Gary Panter
Chuck Close
Grant Wood
Wayne Thiebaud
Charles Adams
Roy Lichtenstein
Mark Ryden
Eric White
Clayton Brothers
Jules Feiffer
Mercer Mayor
Edward Hopper
Norman Rockwell
Henri Roussaeau
Philip Guston

Then my friend posted this:

"Jeebus. Are these all men??!! Seriously? C'mon, lady!" Oops! How could I do this? Don't I LOVE any female artists? Apparently not many. I came up with ONE to add: Marjane Satrapi - Now mind you I'm not adding photographers and all of that, when I say "artists" I'm just doing illustrators and painters and that sort of thing. I can't get into photography and all of that or the list will be a mile long. The "rule" was supposed to be "Fifteen" and I already broke that.

anyway, my question to you all is this: Do I just like the type of art that is done primarily by men or are the trendsetters mostly men? Are the edgy/comic-booky type people mostly men? What is the deal here? I did add some old classic folk like Hopper, Guston, and Wood... but still, all men. I don't WANT all of my favorites to be all men! I don't WANT to be sexist! But I guess I like who I like. I've heard people mention before that the Caldecot winners are rarely women. Does this hold true here too? Do women just suck? Ooh, yeah, I said it!!!

... but I didn't mean it.



Dan Santat said...

No Mary Blair? Holly Hobbie?

Meghan McCarthy said...

Oh man, Mary Blair is awesome. I loved my Alice in Wonderland book as a kid. I just didn't know the artist's name. I need to look her up in more detail. Thanks Dan!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Ah, I did want to buy an art book of hers a while back but it wasn't calling me all that much. I think the one I want is O.P and is something like 200 dollars. I'm very picky about my art books!