Wednesday, February 09, 2011

school visit photo album: Jackson, MA

I've been in the Chicago area and in Jackson, MS for a two-week school visit marathon (survival tips here)! This last week has been great fun because at the start of the week I taught the kids how to draw tigers:

But by the end of the week, we were drawing rabbits!

That is because I spent Chinese New Year in MS! And while doing a school visit is not the traditional way to celebrate the holiday, it was still quite festive.

One school welcomed me and the Chinese New Year with a little performance inspired from my book Bringing in the New Year:

And at another school, a real rabbit had her home decorated for the new year:

And students were wearing in their good-luck, Chinese red outfits:

But, of course, the most fun for me was seeing how much the students liked my books:

And the great projects the teachers and librarians did to prepare them for my visit:
This says: "I would ask the Old Man of the Moon, 'Can I get an iphone 4?'"

This says, "I would ask the Old Man of the Moon if my brother would ever be nice to me."

Unfortunately, on the last day of my visit, school was canceled due to the weather which made this student-written fortune extremely apropos:
This says, "You will soon meet Nature's destructive powers."

Luckily, it didn't continue to stay true and I was able to make my airplane flight home...Thanks so much for having me, Jackson, MS!

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