Friday, March 25, 2011

Silkworm Cocoon & Pupa Poems: Variations on a Theme

When I traveled to the People’s Republic of China with an educational delegation in the autumn of 1994, one of the places we visited was a silk factory in Suzhou. It was fascinating to see the boiled cocoons and the spools of raw silk. I wish I had pictures to post—but all I have are slides of my trip there.

Here are some of my poems about silkworm cocoons and pupae. These poems are variations on a theme. In my elementary classroom, I often shared a variety poems on a particular subject—butterflies, caterpillars, trees, the sun, the moon, winter, spring, etc.—to show my students how different poets might write about them from their own perspectives...and in their own unique styles.

The following poems in order are: a mask poem, an acrostic, a cinquain, and a haiku.


This silken nest
Is where I’ll rest
And sleep and change
And rearrange
Myself into another me.

In this small space,
This creamy case,
Six legs I’ll grow,
Four wings—and oh…
Can’t wait to see the ME I’ll be.

Case spun
Of creamy silken threads,
Cozy cottage for
One, changing room
Of a sleeping pupa who will awaken to a
New self.

creamy silken
sack—sleeping bag for one
young dreamer whose wish for wings will
come true

Swaddled in white silk
spinning dreams of a future
that will end too soon

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Mary Lee said...

I love this mix of poetry and nonfiction!!

Grace Lin said...

ooh! I remember that silk worm factory!!!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Mary Lee,

I always integrated poetry with other subjects--especially science-- when I was teaching elementary school.



That silk factory was a fascinating place to visit! Did you tour any of the gardens in Suzhou?

jama said...

Love all your poems -- first one is adorable and that "cozy cottage for one" is wonderful :). Thanks for the interesting links and video, too!