Thursday, June 16, 2011

you tube is awesome, etc.

I've been working on a new webpage for my book about Balto. You can read the whole book here: - along with the author's note, which was not included in the F&G.

I'm trying to decide what else to include. I LOVE the fact that youtube is growing and growing. You can find almost anything on it! I have found old silent film footage of balto! How cool is that? I actually used this footage for my photo research to make the illustrations. So that's on the webpage.

Because youtube's growth I've found some cool videos for some of my other books, so I'm going to be doing some other updates as well. For example:

Also, I've been working on a website for my dad and I put up this recording I did this winter of him performing a song he wrote and used to sing to us when we were little girls. I used to love it - and still do! I got reminded of it by seeing Anna's photo of Bruno holding the baby.

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