Thursday, December 20, 2012

When words don't work


I believe in words--to me, sometimes, they're almost like magic spells. I remember my mother once saying, puzzled, "I don't think anything is real to you until you've put it into words."

But for Sandy Hook they just don't work. I don't think about it in words; I just see the faces and imagine the scene and feel. Words don't come and if they did they wouldn't make any difference.

These images are from Newtown -- I went there on Tuesday. One thing  someone said over the weekend that has stayed with me is that  when the rest of us think or pray for send metta to or for those suffering -- or just feel sadness we can't express, like me --  we share and lift their burden a little. I hope that's true.


Anna Alter said...

Beautifully put Libby, and thank you for posting the pictures. It's healing to see peaceful images from there... I just can't bear to look at the ones from the day of any more.

Libby Koponen said...

Thanks, Anna! It is good to be understood.

I can't look at the other ones anymore, either.