Friday, January 04, 2013

It Snowed and Snowed: An Original Poem

Here’s one of the “weather-inspired” poem that I wrote two years ago. The winter of 2011 we kept getting one snowstorm after another here in Massachusetts. There was so much snow piled up around our house that we had no place left to shovel it. I didn't go out much for a while. I DID stay inside a lot and write poetry though.

Here are some pictures that I took in early February of 2011:

Seeing the picture that Anna posted of Tilda out in the snow inspired me to share the following poem, which I wrote that snowy winter:

It Snowed and Snowed

It snowed all day.
It snowed all night.
It snowed and snowed.
Two feet of white
covered everything in sight.
Our yard,
our deck,
our walk,
the road
don’t look the same
because it snowed
and snowed
and snowed
and snowed
and snowed.
I dress up in my winter wear
and step out in the frosty air.
I look around and what I see
is a marshmallow world
waiting for me!

At Wild Rose Reader, I have a “forgotten” mask poem that I wrote some years ago titled Dinosaur Egg.

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