Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Only 2 days left

So far the Blue Rose Girls have been very excitedly watching the bidding (and bidding ourselves) on the Robert's Snow auctions... as we hope everyone else is too! Now that we only have 2 days before the very last auction ends and the 2007 auction comes to a close, I just wanted to highlight some of the many beautiful snowflakes that at the moment are quite the steal! Unfortunately I can't talk about all of them here (though I will post about some more tomorrow), but these are a few of my favorites that, like I said, are selling for much less than they are worth...

(click here to go to the auction)

Barbara Lehman has a really gorgeous snowflake in this auction- its hard to tell in the photo, but the tiny shutters in the painting stand out from the window in 3D, so lovely. Right now here snowflake is less than $300! As she is a Caldecott award winning author/illustrator, my guess is her illustrations sell for thousands of dollars...

Each of the following snowflakes is currently less than $200:

Another gem is Connie McLennan's 'flake... when I saw this one in person at the galleries I was surprised at how striking it was... in person it has a three dimensional quality, its so photo realistic you feel like the butterfly is going to flap its wings and fly away.

Another snowflake that inspired everyone who saw it at the gallery shows is the one created by Consie Powell. Again, hard to tell from the photo, but the back side of this snowflake is actually a hand carved wood block that the artist used to print the image on the front of the snowflake. So not only do you get the block the artist printed with, but a beautiful hand colored edition of one... so creative!

Giles Laroche has created an amazingly intricate snowflake- if you know his work you know that he hand cuts and assembles paper sculpture to illustrate his books and he's done the same with his snowflake. Both the angel and the bird he has sculpted are hand cut and assembled- each tiny feather on the bird's wings has been glued in place with meticulous craftsmanship.

Laura Graves
is another artist who really went above and beyond- the painting she has hung from her snowflake (which is quite large by the way), is absolutely beautiful. It is soft and sweet and so intricate in its detail... it reminds me of the fairy tales by Mercer Meyer I used to love as a kid.

I wish I could buy all these snowflakes myself, but since I already own three I have to use some self control!! There are so many gorgeous ones to choose from, the artists have made it really hard this year to resist!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Thanks so much for the mention of my snowflake! - though please note that while the shutters are 3-D and stick out from the surface - they don't actually open and close but are set in place.

Thanks again -


gail said...

So Barbara, no hinges? :)

How I'd love to have seen these all in person. Thanks for the reminder. This whole auction has been so fun!

PS. I got my book "Robert's Snowflakes" in the mail yesterday. I love it! Any plans to publish a book with the art from this year's auction? I'd buy it!

Anna Alter said...

Thanks for the correction Barbara, my mistake! I'll adjust it in the post so people don't get confused.

Gail- I don't believe there are plans for a second book at the moment, but maybe in the future?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,
I stopped by this blog to read more about Robert's Snow and thought I'd chime in to say I couldn't agree more with your review. My family has been inspired by the idea of Robert's Snow from the start and supported the last two auctions as much as we could. We were thrilled to see all the snowflakes in person again in Newburyport. (It was an extra treat to hear you and the authors' panel on a weekend afternoon at the library and meet Grace.) You're right that the Web site can't do justice to how beautiful these intricate little gems are. Barbara's snowflake was so lovely, and we were fascinated by Consie Powell's. We loved yours as well. In the end, we could only afford to bid on one, and chose Linda Wingerter's "Grace." We'll hope Dana Farber choses to do it again, and all of you decide to keep contributing your own talents and vision. It's fascinating to see where each artist takes the idea.
Thank you,
Joe Broughton and Beth Wiley