Friday, April 24, 2009

Opposite Poems--Part 2

Last week in my POETRY FRIDAY: Opposite Poems post, I invited readers to write opposite poems and share them with us. Well, one brave soul left her opposite poem in the comments.

Here’s the poem submitted by Laurie Peters:

A Couple Guesses

The opposite of poetry, I suppose, might be prose.
No, I’m pretty sure that isn’t true. Prose thrills too,
and prose can twist a common phrase through its maze to
with rhymeless meter, proving prose can sing poetically.
Let me try again.
the opposite of poetry might be
communicationg without relating.
Yes, I think that’s it.

Thanks for submitting an opposite poem for hosting here, Laurie!

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Laurie said...

OH My GOSH! I was so surprised and honored to see my poem posted!


Only one problem - I saw a mistake in the 3rd line when I reread it.

it's should be its.

I am a bad grammar girl, and I always seem to make at least one mistake (or two) every time I post a comment on anything.

Elaine Magliaro said...


It's been corrected. I make mistakes like that in my posts quite often. Sometimes I don't find them until weeks or months later when I'm rereading a post for some reason.

Laurie said...

thanks :-)