Thursday, May 07, 2009

calling all kids!!!!

I did another one.

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I get really obsessed about things for short periods of time and then move on to something else.

On to a new topic... my book!

I need your help. I have an idea to but a Q&A in my backmatter - trying something new. Know a kid? Know a teacher or school? Ask them what their top question is about bubble gum. I want the most commonly asked questions and then I might, if my editor approves and I have room, answer the questions in the back of my book. If you know of a school, have them do a poll. I perhaps could credit either the school or the classroom, such as "Question by Mrs. Smith's 4th Grade Class" or some such.

Send your questions to me at

It's now almost 6 am and I haven't gone to bed so this is one of those ideas that may or may not seem good in the "morning" er, afternoon? Evening?

thank you all!


tammi said...

How does bubble gum get its flavor?

How do they make bubble gum?

Why is it not good to swallow gum?

From Julia, age 11

How does it get stretchy?

How does it stay chewy?

From Mason, age 8

Meghan McCarthy said...

Tough questions. Thanks!

You know, I think that whole - if you swallow gum it'll stay forever in your stomach - is a rumor, but I'll look into it.