Friday, May 22, 2009

lots of stuff

So... I spent at least 5 hours in traffic today in the hot sun. It was agonizing. I was doing a talk to a NJ girlscouts troop. It's funny (or not really) how I spent way more time in the car than I did at the actual talk. Anyway, I'm totally broke so thank goodness I got paid today! Now I have half of the rent.

On another topic, I may have mentioned finding an abandoned apartment in Brooklyn. You can see the whole photo series here.

Below are some objects I absconded with. These are perfect for my books! The right time period, great inspiration and so on.

Lastly, I'm almost done with the bubble gum book. Almost, but yet I have a feeling I'm going to be at it for a while longer.


Robert W. Franson said...

More than simply abandoned ... from your photos it looks like there were multiple waves of settlers who lived there, left treasured debris, and moved on. Like some of the ancient caves with deep-piled middens that archaeologists love. Neat stuff,

Anna Alter said...

love the old radio and hat. can't wait to see Pop! the art looks amazing.