Friday, May 08, 2009

my last thurs. post

Firstly, my neck hurts. Looking down at an illustration for too long, I guess, will do that, especially to someone w/my what I will call "issues."

Secondly, when the Siberts came out I whined that I couldn't vocalize about them... but I want to say that I really love LIghtship. My kind of book. Wonderful illustrations, short text. Perfect. I "signed" with Brian last weekend in DC. I put "signed" in quotes because really he was signing, and then I was signing, but we never signed together. His new book Moonshot looks equally awesome. I must get myself a copy. Of course, I have an issue with all of this because we're both doing nonfiction and he's obviously giving me a run for my money. Oh well. So be it.

What was really cool for me was to see how much they were using my book at the Air and Space Museum. One of the organizers says she loves reading it to kids because of the short text, etc. Honestly, I'm always worried about what the experts will think! will they find fault w/any of it? Are they going to tell me that astrontuats don't really eat dried ice cream??? She did a great activity using my book w/the kids that I hope to put on my website soon.

Anyway, I'm almost done with the art for my bubblegum book. Yay! What a relief. I'm seriously almost out of money again. I think I have one more month of rent in the old bank and that's it. No joke. Sad times.

Lastly, my friends and I have discovered an abandoned apt. building in the middle of Brooklyn. No one knows about it! My friend already absconded with a cash register (he thinks it weighed 200 pounds or so, yet we both carried it out) from 1910 (looked up the serial number). I have two old radios--one from the 30s, an antique fan, and some other funky stuff. I'm going back in of course. It seems that the first floor used to be some sort of radio and appliance fix-it-shop. So I'm surrounding myself with these old objects while I paint my 1900s people. The inspiration is good. Perhaps I'll post photos.


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Brian Floca said...

Hey! Thanks for the nod, Meghan! That's great to read. And it was good to see you and your astronauts in DC, too.

Good luck with the bubblegum and abandoned Brooklyn buildings (!). See you in the nonfiction aisle --