Thursday, April 12, 2007

aliens videos

YouTube has really excited me lately. That's why I'm making a video page for ALIENS. On it you will find such things as - an the Orson Welles aftermath interview, H.G Wells's book on tape, War of the Worlds lego version, a Simpsons version of Welles's broadcast, and more! There's some really cool stuff so check it out. I'm not done so not all the links are working. Stay tuned!

I also promise to put up my ALIENS audio version soon (yeah, I said that 6 months ago).

On a different topic--
I love Grace's post about art school. I was SO nervous to talk in class. In fact, a lot of teachers didn't give me the A I deserved because they said I didn't participate. Some kids thought I was a snob because I didn't talk. Little did they know I was dying of fear! Being in NYC has sucked some of the fear out of me... but I still have a long way to go.

More on that later. I must run to an appointment!



Anonymous said...


There you are over on Fuse #8! Was that the appointment you were running to?

Don't forget to come back and post. I always enjoy your conversation.


Meghan McCarthy said...

No, I had a physical therapy appointment--hurt the shoulder. That's what I get for joining the gym!

I did go to Mo's talk afterward. He demonstrates how you can be a GOOD speaker. I'm a crazy not so good one. Oh well.

I'll get to my college memories soon.