Wednesday, April 18, 2007

how did that happen?

I may or may not have mentioned this but I'm doing a talk at the NYPL this Thursday. That's right folks, you get to hear me be insane in person! Okay, let's hope I don't come across as TOO insane. Taxes this week have created some drama for me and it's still going--yes, it's the 17th and no I haven't filed!

Anyway, my tax insanity and current minor shoulder injury thanks to my new gym obsession (MUST work out 2hrs X5 days) has distracted me from the fact that I"m supposed to be planning for a talk. So here I am at almost 3am finally getting around to thinking about it.

First things first. I don't know what i"m going to say, as usual. This makes things interesting. One thing I will talk about--

That's right, trolls. I'll be talking about trolls. No no, I'm really serious. I will show this image at my talk--I promise! You'll have to wait to see how I incorporate it (i'm not sure myself yet). I think this will be fun. I'll show a few more random images and you all can guess how they'll fit into my talk too! Won't that be fun? Yes, it surely will. Just nod your head... I can picture my friends right now NOT nodding their heads but rather raising their eyebrows in disapproval. Well don't! The trolls are staying in.

Anyway, what was my point? Oh boy, I got off track. Ah yes, "how did that happen?" So I grabbed all my books just now to think about what to talk about and that's when that thought popped into my head. I stared long and hard at the one and ONLY author photo of me on book #1. My first thought was--wow, I was 23. My second thought was--wow, I'm not 23... or 24... or 25... or 26... aaaa! I'm almost 30. First thought--how did that happen? Then I looked at the pile of books and thought--how did THAT happen? How did I become a semi-established (albeit insane) author? How did I make so many books? Where has the time gone?

I don't know the answer to any of that. Perhaps you do. I must go now and prepare for the talk that may end up being much like this blog post--rambling and odd. There will be trolls.

yours truly,
meghan aka gloria


Libby Koponen said...

I bet it will be hilarious. I wish I could be there.

Meghan I hope you filed for an extension on the taxes!!!

Meghan McCarthy said...

No extention for me. Storm victims are allowed another two days!

Ugh. The reason I didn't pay yet is because H&R block tried to charge me MORE money. They wouldn't file... I wouldn't pay... and so I have to go back today to talk to a manager. Um. 500 to do taxes that took less than an hour? Yeah right. I don't care what their rules are. It ain't happening.


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

I used to pay someone to do my taxes. They were reputable, boutiquey, and way expensive...a few years ago I discovered tax software (I use tax cut) and the nail biting, I can't breathe because I think the IRS is going to come and take my life away times are over. It's been really helpful in bringing my tax bill down a bit because now I understand how the numbers fit and what and when I should spend money on so it can be written off...I have found it really empowering.

Anyhow- where does it all go? I'm discovering that not only is it, but it's accelerating in its going! I've started to develop a dislike of sayings and cliches that turn out to be true. I used to have this idea in my head that I would escape all of that my being more entlightened about those things- you know like "life is short", "at 20 you have the face you were born with, at 40 you have the face you deserve..." etc...all those darn things turn out to be true! Damn!

Anyhow- I wish I could hear your talk too! Good luck with it all and the trolls-