Thursday, June 07, 2007


I think it's my day to post. The problem is, I'm a little busy being A.DD and all over the place. I'm painting... and answering emails... and thinking about the party... and washing dishes... and worrying about my swollen ankles (medication problem).

This is awful, but I have my expensive laptop on top of a bunch of open paint tubes so that I can paint and do email stuff at the same time. Example:

Also, I keep looking at my shelves. How the heck did I fill them so fast? Where will I put new books that I acquire? Perhaps in the hallway.

Here's a piece that's almost finished.

Now, to the party. First of all, almost all of the BRG will be in attendance! Yay! Linda is busy doing some great stuff of her own so she can't come. I wish she could though! She will be missed.

Second, smore making will commence at the end of the night. If you want smores you have to stay past 2am. I know, I know, it'll be rough... but that's a requirement.

Third, I'm going to figure out how to lug a very large wooden cut-out of a strongman to the party (the kind you put your face in for photos) and I will hopefully have a few cameras for you to take pics!

Fourth, I am now asking for music requests. Name a song and maybe I'll play it. After all, songs are only a 1.99 on ITunes. Speak now!

Speaking of music, in case you’re curious, right now I’m listening to La Mans—very calming and wonderful! Previously I was listening to Komeda—very peppy and Stereolab like.



gail said...

Sure does sound like you're busy! Your painting is lookg great, although you better be careful with that laptop. Your bookcase looks very cool to me. It should be crowded. Fun to see. Hey, istn't that a bottle of Captain Maorgan's on the top shelf? ;)


Meghan McCarthy said...

Ugh... yeah, there is a some spiced rum up there. Never know when you might need it!


p.s - there will be lots of booze at the party. No carrot juice. Atlas wouldn't be proud.

Anonymous said...


Sorry I won't be able to make the big party this weekend!


P.S. Where's the lizard in that dessert scene?!

gail said...

I suppose it comes in handy for those all-nighters. Or maybe when you want to loosen up your style. :)

Booze instead of carrot juice? You really do know how to throw a party!

Have fun tomorrow!

PS. Yikes! It looks like I was drinking a little Rum myself when I typed that last post.

Meghan McCarthy said...

Don't worry Sarah, the lizard is coming... just for you!