Monday, June 18, 2007

Strong Man party pics

Sorry, another abbreviated post. It's late. Meghan and I went to the Lily Allen concert tonight at the Warsaw in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It was great show, but now I need to get to bed.

So, since Meghan still doesn't have her camera back from her friend to post pics from her Strong Man party, here are a few to tide you over. It was a totally fun bash at a loft in Williamsburg. Hip, huh?

Me, Grace, and Ki-Ki doing the first Strong Man poses of the night:

Rebecca Sherman of Writer's House flanked by two of her BRG clients:
Meghan and her sisters:

Rebecca and Strong Man--correction, Pale Male editor Alexandra Penfold:
Heather Scott (soon to be of HBGUSA) and Julie Romeis of Bloomsbury
The spread! (I was happy to snag a free book)
The cake, courtesy of Meghan's friend Julia. Delicious, I must say:
The Blue Rose Girls in attendance: Anna, Meghan, Grace, and me (I'm trying to look tough):

And keep the votes coming for my poll regarding my submissions policy. As of now, I think I may keep the status quo, so vote now or forever hold your peace!


Libby Koponen said...

Oh Meghan I wish I had been able to come! I'm especially sorry not to have met your sisters. You guys look like you have a really good time together. I read the book and it's GREAT! Congratulations.


JenFW said...

Sorry, but you gals look about as tough as...cupcakes!

Congrats, Meghan!