Friday, December 07, 2007


Come on folks, it's time to bid. Sadly I have to leave for CT soon for a book signing so I won't be around to see the end of the auctions... which is probably just as well since my snowflake is one of the lowest out there. Sob. Don't feel bad for the little snowflake. It has a big enough ego to tough it out. I, however, do not... so it's just as well that I don't witness its demise! I do thank the individual who did bid on it. Thank you.

On a fun note, Lidia from the cooking show on TV bought two copies of City Hawk for her grandchildren last night. I thought that was cool. She wrote two names out on sticky-notes and walked off for a bit so I was left alone to figure out whether the first name, which started with “Man…” was for a family or an individual. So I started to write “To the M..” but stopped, afraid it was for a person, not a family. Turns out it WAS for a family. For whatever reason I forgot that I screwed up the first copy (but really didn’t screw it up) and wrote it all out again. So I hid the "screw up" in the pile of books that weren't sold. Now there’s a book that’s going to be returned that was for Lidia that says “FOR THE MAN.” Lovely. The receiving dept. is going to wonder about that one!


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