Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A full weekend

As most of you probably know that Robert's Snow auctions ended on Friday. As sad as I was to see the project come to a close, it was fun as always to watch the bids rise and see who won which flakes! To celebrate a great project and a great cause, the Blue Rose Girls had a little get together at Grace's place. It was the most fun party I've been to in a long time, mainly because the room was full of interesting people who love books, I wish I'd gotten to talk to everyone!

Yes that is a three tiered cupcake tray in the middle of the table, Grace makes the best cupcakes ever.

From left to right below: Rebecca, Alvina, Grace, Libby, Elaine, and me:

When the festivities were over it was time to get back to work, Saturday I had a table at the RISD holiday sale. I do this sale every year, its a good way to sell some books... but mainly it gives me the opportunity to do something crafty, which always gets me in the holiday spirit. This year I framed little prints of the illustrations for the book I'm working on now (Red Shoe):

Here is me, sitting cheerfully behind my table before the mad rush of craft enthusiasts hit the scene:

Another perk of doing the show is all the other artists you get to meet, and sometimes trade with. This year I made two trades with artists Gregory Poulin and Dorothy Imagire. This is Gregory's work below, he does these amazing still lives of food and other household objects. I traded him for a beautifully rendered painting of garlic, which now hangs proudly in our kitchen.

Here is Dorothy's work. She makes these tiny photographs dipped in wax (called encaustic), I traded her for an image of a honeybear and a pastry cutter that I couldn't love more. You can see more of her encaustic work here.

I had the pleasure of sharing my booth with Karen Bessette, who makes really lovely collage/paintings such as this one that remind me of Romare Bearden:

Well that about wraps it up... I returned to Boston Sunday to spend the day painting... a deadline waits for no one!

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Libby Koponen said...

You do look cheerful and I love my green alligator, who is happliy scrubbing his back in my bathroom.