Thursday, December 06, 2007

the value of snow

The Robert's Snow auctions end tomorrow, Friday at 5pm. Even though I have not been as involved in the project this year, it is still quite meaningful to me. In 2005, I wrote this post as the Robert's Snow auctions were beginning. As the 2007 auctions end, I thought I'd repost this as the sentiments are the same.

11/06/05: The auctions have started and I'm curious about the bidding. At the gallery, I heard an offhand comment after Ki-Ki mentioned how unique the snowflakes were. "I guess that's why they're worth so much," someone said.

But their worth really does go beyond the pretty pictures. In all the press, I emphasize the famous names, the exclusivity, the collectability of these snowflakes. Because that's good marketing. No one wants to hear the depressing stuff. But, the sad stuff is what gives these snowflakes a value beyond their starting price.

Bid for everything cancer touches. Bid for the nurses and the doctors who know their words are cold comfort. Bid for the spouses that suddenly realize that "in sickness" and "death do us part" is for real. Bid for the kids who have no hair and are pulled to treatment in a wagon. Bid for the parents who age 10 years in 10 minutes. Bid for the friendships that fade away because people just don't understand or know what to do. Bid for Chad, the boy who lost his father to cancer and flew in from Virginia just to see the snowflakes. Bid for David, an artist that dedicated his snowflake to his brother who died of cancer. Bid for Steve, the volunteer who hand cut all 200 snowflakes with his scroll saw in his garage. Bid for Jon, the computer programmer, who stayed up past 2 AM night after night working on the website. Bid for Robert who sat alone in the infusion center while all the other patients were surrounded by friends and family. Bid for yourself and all the days you'll remember and wish you didn't.

Bid for all of these reasons. Or bid for some them. Or bid for none of them at all. Just bid and know that no matter what you pay, that snowflake is worth so much more.


Meghan McCarthy said...

wow. very nicely said!

Elaine Magliaro said...


I'm bidding for my friend Kathy and my young friend Daisy, both of whom are cancer survivors. I'm bidding for my friend Steve and my cousins Karen and Joyce--all of whom were diagnosed with cancer in the past year. I'm bidding for Kathy, the daughter of one of my best friends, who lost her battle with cancer this week. And I'm bidding in memory of Robert.

I hope Robert's Snow 2007 raises a lot of money for cancer research.