Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Abigail jacket post finished- finally!

After two lovely weeks in Hawaii (see below- you can tell I'm thinking hard about painting, right?), I am at last finishing this post (you are so patient). It is actually really good to be back to work. Good to get away, but good to be back- I can never really get a project off my mind until it is finished...

When last we left off the jacket painting for Abigail Spells looked like this. Next I filled in the letters some more and started on their clothing:

Started on Abigail's face, and still working on the clothes:

Face finished, clothes coming along:

Then finally, voila! A few more finishing touches and all finished.


Libby Koponen said...

Oh, Anna, I love, love, love this. And to think that when I first saw their design I hated it.

But now the characters and the letters that look like socks and all the bright colors, who could resist it?

Daniel Mahoney said...

Beautiful, Anna. By the way, what do you use to outline the characters?

alvinaling said...

I love it! I especially love the color of Abigail's face. What a lovely blush.

Anonymous said...


I truly enjoy these progressive posts and the art is wonderful! I love the playful patterns and rich color.



Anna Alter said...

Thanks guys!

I use a pigma micron pen for the outlines.

MotherReader said...

Again, thanks for these posts that show how the artwork evolves and refines. It gives me even more appreciation for the work behind the illustrations.

Meghan McCarthy said...

Great cover Anna! It worked out wonderfully.