Wednesday, June 18, 2008

no excuses

There are more times than I like to admit that I look at my past work with twinges of regret. While flaws due to talent, or rather lack of, are disheartening they are in a way more acceptable than the ones that cause me to shake my head. "If I had only been less distracted, had more time," I think to myself, "that book would've have been so much better."

And those are laments I refuse to have about my next book. At New Year's, one of my resolutions was to make my new novel the best work I've ever done.

So I am doing my best to sway the scale in my desired direction. I'm pulling out all the stops for this book, from the writing to the cover (which I am now working on, photo), I am taking pains as I have never been able to before. If time, focus, passion (and possibly production values--crossing my fingers for some really great features, including color illos on the inside) can do it, my book should be an object of person pride--something that epitomizes the best I could possibly do. Or at least something that doesn’t make me cringe.


Anonymous said...


It is Gorgeous!!! The image is most evocative and the rendering exquisite. I can't wait to read the book! What is the title?


gail said...

Beautiful, bold colors! Your passion is coming through. Would love to see a detail of this.

Thanks for sharing,

Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

Since I already love your work, and especially your two novels about Pacey, I'm really going to love this new novel. I think I love it already, based on the cover image alone. Thank you for sharing both your regrets and your resolutions.

Anna Alter said...

LOVE the color palette. Can't wait to read it.

alvinaling said...

This is for WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON--the novel I mentioned at the end of my Focus meeting post below. It's FANTASTIC. And it's great to see how the cover is looking! This is going to be a gorgeous book.

Meghan McCarthy said...

I know what you're saying Grace. I always have regrets. I think most illustrators end up being rushed near the end and that definitely adds to disappointment later.

Your latest is looking great!