Sunday, June 15, 2008

Question of the week: HOW ARE YOU PROCRASTINATING?

This week's Question of the Week is "How are you procrastinating?"

We all do it, come on, fess up! How are you procrastinating this week? Add your answer to the comments...

Anna: By watching episodes of Clean House. Sometimes I need a little Niecy Nash.

Grace: I keep going to Craigslist and looking at vespas for sale. And I don't even have the motorcycle license one needs to ride or own one!

Elaine: I’m only dabbling in major cleaning projects and gardening around my house at the moment--telling myself that “I can work on that tomorrow.” Instead, I’ve been relaxing in the sun in hopes of getting a little color before we head for New Mexico on June 24th. I’ve also wasted time when the weather was beastly playing solitaire on my computer in my air-conditioned office.

Meghan: stabbing paint tubes, painting Elvis, eating cheese doodles, taking pictures of my bruises, watching Style Wars, taking photographs of graffiti, going to work.

Alvina: By shopping on, and watching reality television, especially Top Chef and Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

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