Sunday, June 22, 2008

Question of the week: What's on your mind?

We're keeping this one as open-ended as possible. So--what's been on your mind this week?


I finally finished this painting. Now it can move out of my mind. 

Also, boxes... they're on my mind. This one is almost finished, called Box #1: Hot Title
Alvina: I've been saving for a new computer for almost a year, and had decided on a laptop. But then, PC or Mac? I almost bought a MacBook yesterday, and then had to decide--black or white? But I got cold feet. Anyone have an opinion?

Grace: Did I choose the right color for the tiles?Anna: Just found a fab new handmade jewelry shop on Etsy, love the earrings... internet shopping is the only distraction I am allowed until my book is done next week...

Elaine: Shopping and packing for my trip to New Mexico on Tuesday...and a poetry collection that I've been working on diligently and hope to finish in the next few weeks. (Alvina, my husband just got a MacBook Pro and loves it! His computer is white.)

Libby: My friend Adam (7) is very interested in money, so it was natural to explain royalties to him and that most writers don't make much.He nodded as though that made TOTAL sense, and said with feeling,
"A lot of books are really boring."
I've been unable to get this comment out of my mind.

What's been on your minds?


Anonymous said...

The MacBook is a good machine and Leopard is a great OS. Only problem with white is that it eventually shows dirt. Go black.

Rachel said...

Before buying my MAC, I had feelings of confusion; take the it and buy black...I agree, white is cool but it shows dirt...If you are comporting a lap top all over the place, it will get dirty fast...BLACK MAC...I love mine!

I just redid my bathrooms...your tile selection is awesome...also from a re sell/investment point, it is a good selection. It is very understated but classy.


Wendie O said...

I've had a white MAC for years. it's used by both my granddaughter and me -- and it's never shown any dirt. It's been dropped several times on trips, had its battery replaced, had the keyboard come loose and we finally figured out how to jam it back in, but it's still going strong.

My husband is the computer guy, so he does all the updates. We just use the thing and it won't die.

Anonymous said...

Black is better. Less dirty looking. I have a silver laptop powerbook and it gets finger prints and crap all over it.

Adam is right. There are a lot of boring books out there. But there are a lot of great books out there too. Only sometimes they get lost in the shuffle. Sob.


Anonymous said...

By the way, Grace, I like that color. It's very soothing. Is it for the bathroom? Kitchen?...


Anonymous said...

What fun!

1. Meghan, you are a Hot-Box always full of surprises.

2. White. Clean and serene.

3. Yes. Though cannot tell if they are white or light green. Must be opalescent. Perfect for you. Deep and glowing.

4. Oh-oh. Dangerous.

5. Will you visit Santa Fe? I have wanted to see the International Museum of Folk Art ever since I happened on these dolls at the SFMOMA. Will you attend the opera? Whatever, I am certain it will be a wonderful trip!

6. Love Adam's comment. Did you see the post on pixie stix kids pix? I pulled up the links that Kristen called-out: "Think You Have a Book in You? Think Again" and "THE LAST WORD; How Many Books Are Too Many?" I printed the articles out and plan to pin them to my wall. Not to discourage myself, but to remind me to do this for the joy of the creating.

7. My mind? Full of imaginings for a new picture book. This one by George Ella Lyons. Visited the SFMOMA today. Picked up a book by Lotta Jansdotter, Lotta Prints. Loved the potato prints. Check her out!


Elaine Magliaro said...


We're going out to New Mexico for a wedding--but spending a few extra days. We're staying at a resort in the Santa Ana Pueblo--where the wedding will be held. We plan to go hot air ballooning. We're also planning to spend a day in Santa Fe. I'm hoping to get to the folk art museum--which Julie Paschkis told me was wonderful.