Monday, January 19, 2009

hoping, and praying, and wishing

A week from today, we will know the winners of the Caldecott, Newbery, Printz, Coretta Scott King Awards, and more. I will be in beautiful Denver at ALA for the announcements, and I have very mixed feelings about it. Last year Grace and I were in China during the announcement, and therefore were literally far away from it all, and I really didn't have too much invested in it, except to think/hope that Sherman Alexie's Absolutely True Diary of the Part-Time Indian would win the Printz (it didn't). This year, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Wabi Sabi by Mark Reibstein, illustrated by Ed Young, will get a mention. I'm not really superstitious--I tend to believe in the power of positive thinking, but in this case, when I know that it's completely out of my control at this point, I go back and forth with how to feel.

It's won the gold or honor in a few Mock Caldecotts, although didn't place in others (one said that the illustrations lacked "warmth"--hmph). I've seen bloggers say that it would either win the gold or get nothing, (yes, I'm a bit obsessed), and Fuse #8 declared it the front runner. Eek.

I don't know if it really IS the front runner, but I know it's a contender, and to be honest, it's a bit of an odd feeling to be in this situation. I do realize that this is not a bad position to be in--and I'm honestly happy to be here. It's always been my goal to edit books that are up for discussion for awards. It's just that I'm used to editing quiet books with modest expectations that surprise my publisher (although not to me) when they do extremely well. I prefer to be in the position of the underdog.

Well, all will be revealed next Monday. Think positive thoughts for Wabi Sabi (unless you hated the book, in which case, think neutral thoughts!)!


In other award news, I'm proud to say that Tony Abbott's The Postcard has been nominated for an Edgar Award!! Somehow, it's more satisfying to have a book that both I and the author have worked especially hard on be recognized, which is definitely the case here. Congratulations to Tony and the rest of the nominees!


Jarrett J. Krosoczka said...

I'm putting my money behind Wabi Sabi. I really hope it takes home top prize, if not an honor.

Meghan McCarthy said...

I wish an author didn't need a big award to be successful and when I say "successful" I mean not have to worry about money. The chances are like winning the lottery, which makes it all the more depressing. I wonder with this lovely economy if there will be no more midlist authors. Are you going to have to be a big award winner or you're out?

alvinaling said...

I don't think you need to win a big award to be successful--and unfortunately, even winning a big award doesn't mean that you don't have to worry about money. I hope this isn't even MORE depressing to hear!

By definition, midlist authors will always exist.

Steve Emond said...

My local Borders had Wabi Sabi for it's staff recommendations. They said it was the "Surprise hit of the Christmas season, and back in stock!"

MotherReader said...

I would be very surprised if it didn't win something in the Caldecotts. I'm not going to bet money on the gold - I've seen too many odd choices for that - but it's a wonderful, beautiful book. Crossing my fingers for you - it - both.

Libby Koponen said...

I hope it wins! I have never yet predicted one of these winners accurately, so I won't even try to guess. We'll know soon enough -- but wow! It would be amazing if it won.