Friday, January 09, 2009

a new studio

After Christmas came some craziness. To sum up a VERY long story, there was a leak coming from my sink and the neighbors' ceiling came down and my landlady threatened to call a lawyer and evict me and "make me pay," etc. Ugh!!! So I was planning on re-designing where I paint. It used to serve as a useless dinning room. I'm getting rid of the dinning room table and chairs and moving stuff around. Good fun! I was excited. Ikea and Home Depot here I come. Of course, the awful nightmare of being yelled at for literally more than 2 hours - from 1:30 - 5 to be exact, I got depressed and scared and thought I might lose my home. I also haven't been able to sleep well because of stuff like this:

I hope this doesn't gross anyone out. It shouldn't. It's my foot. Anyway, I get this all over body itching thing that the doctors can't figure out and I end up cutting up my feet and other places. Nice, right?

Moving on. Before I was informed of my very tight book deadline, I was finishing up this:

and starting what I'm calling the "zerox series."

And of course documenting more street art:

Now I must give that up and work on the book (this is the ends)

...and finish moving around the space:

I have WAY too many books.

This is what I've decided to do with my antique dress form:

And I bought a very creepy antique clown at the antique store near my parents' house. He's to keep my company during my long work hours (yeah right).

I'm going to make a whole new "see inside the studio" when I'm done moving things around and building things. My dad is going to help me make a wooden flat-files type thing and I'm buying two long, high kitchen carts to serve as my working space. My dad bought me two big pieces of glass to use as palates, which I highly recommend... and I'm going to make a music station space and all sorts of other stuff, so stay tuned! (if you are interested, of course). I will document it all.



gael lynch said...

All this while I slept, Meghan! What a night you had!
You can NEVER have too many books, though...honestly. That clown did make me a little nervous. Is he going to stay?

Kristi Valiant said...

Woah, I hope things start to get less stressful for you. Did the doctors figure out the body itching thing? This may sound weird, but I knew a couple people who got bed bugs in their house and had little bites that itched like crazy. I also read that bed bugs are somehow making a comeback in even expensive apartments and hotels in New York or other places. Any chance?

Meghan McCarthy said...

No, I don't have bed bugs. I don't have any bites and there's nothing wrong w/my skin. I've gotten the itching at work and at my parents' house too. I have systemic nerve damage so my best guess is that it has something to do with that, though I'm not sure.

I don't think anyone likes the clown... yet I HAD to buy it. It cost a lot of money, too. The woman working at the antique store thought I was nuts!


Meghan McCarthy said...

Oh, and that big book at the bottom of my bookcase cost 200 dollars! I think I am nuts. At least it's a tax write-off.

Anonymous said...

Do you or your parents have an animal? Or possible rats in the apartment? Those look suspiciously like flea bites. That is exactly how my ankles look from about mid july until around mid-october while I'm fighting the little bastards and trying desperately to avoid using chemicals around my home. I'm gunna git 'em this year!

DW Golden
Fly with Fairies in a new young adult novel Purple Butterflies

Meghan McCarthy said...

they're not bites. I did that to myself sadly. I have a long bloody scratch that goes the length of my ankle on the front. Doctors have already seen it. If they were bites I think one of them would have said something!

Anonymous said...

I think what's scariest about that clown is the expression - he looks oddly smug. Smug in a bit of a frightening way that suggests he knows where you sleep and also that he has perhaps murdered people with that tie.