Friday, April 24, 2009

going YouTube

So I've finally decided to put up my videos onto YouTube. I'm afraid of the comments--anyone know how to turn that stuff off? I'm putting it on youtube so that others can post my videos if they so desire... and for no other reason.

Here is the url for the "how to draw"

This is for the "how to color"

Just copy and paste the "embed" section and put it on your blog or website or whatever. I give full permission! Share the love ya'll.

I'll let you all know if I post other videos on the all too daunting YouTube.


p.s - speaking of drawing astronauts... anyone remember this?

1 comment:

Steve Emond said...

Yuck, that happened to me once. I put a little sketch comedy thing I had done on youtube so I could put it on my blog, and then some random internet person tore me apart! It was really discomforting!