Thursday, April 02, 2009

still learning

So, I'm still learning how to edit video. I discover something new that I can do each time I try it. This little bit will be going into something larger--sort of a day in the life of an author... or rather me. Something like that.

I'm also currently covered in paint and shouldn't be typing. I'm trying to finish up the cover for my book about bubble gum. I hope to show something that looks kind of finished by the end of the day! I hope!



alvinaling said...

I love it.

Anna Alter said...

so great, I love your videos. couldn't get the last cribs one to work though! is it on your site?

Meghan McCarthy said...

Thanks guys. The video looks much better on my website (and bigger on my computer). The res on blogger isn't very good.

You can see the two other "films" here:

I haven't put the living room one up yet because I need to cut out the "offensive" pants falling down scene. (my mom said I should take it out).