Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Disappearing Desmond painting in progress

Thank you for your input last week on the Desmond jacket- we did indeed pick image number two (the fence one)! Its good to know you all agree.

This week I am painting...

The sketch:

The underpainting:

Layering on the color:

Building up the color/texture of the sand and the waves:

Still working on the background, and adding color to the figures:

To be continued next week!


MotherReader said...

I love your WIP stuff, but especially this one because I'm crazy about the beach. Looks great so far.

Corey Schwartz said...

Wow, so cool. My daughter read Abigail Spells to us last night! She's not quite five and a half. We were really proud that she got through it with little help :)

Anna Alter said...

Thanks, its fun to be painting again after many months of writing and sketching, etc. I'll have lots more WIP posts coming up.

Wow that is impressive that she read the whole book herself, bravo! She must be an excellent speller :)