Thursday, August 06, 2009


I admit -- I've been a bad poster... because I haven't been posting. But this is because I've been busy! Mostly I've been busy throwing up, though I have gotten some work done too. My book - POP - is done... or done for now. What a relief! I'll post some pictures in a bit.


My parents' house is really wonderful in the summer and it's a great escape:

I did make myself kind of sick trying to do a 3 mile run near their house. Half of it was entirely UP HILL and IN THE HEAT. I really felt ill when I was done. Oh well. I was warned.

Some other summer things I want to get done is finish painting my bedroom striped:

And also I need to get rid of the broken stuff and buy new stuff now that I finally have money. Horray! Below is my beloved but very broken toaster oven. In my college days I used to decorate my appliances, as you can see:

And lastly, it's summer in the city. I need to try to see the beauty even when it's stinky and really hot.

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