Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Another lovely Desmond review

This review of Disappearing Desmond just in from School Library Journal. Thanks guys!

ps Will have pictures and updates from our recent cross country move soon, once my office arrives from UPS (fingers crossed).

"Desmond the cat blends in with his surroundings. In fact, his entire family fades into the background in their portrait. Everything changes when Gloria, a rabbit, arrives at school. Not only does she take every possible chance to get noticed herself, but she also notices Desmond no matter where he hides. To his surprise, he likes interacting with others. He even coaxes someone else from his hiding place to join the playground fun. Young viewers will enjoy spotting Desmond in his ingenious costumes and identifying others trying to stay out of sight in the schoolyard. Alter’s animal characters will be familiar to those who know her previous books, including Abigail Spells (Knopf, 2009), featured in a library poster. This low-key story of how friendship can support and encourage others will be a welcome addition for most libraries."

-School Library Journal


Anonymous said...

Anna, Are you here in San Francisco? I just saw Desmond prominently displayed at my local indie, The Booksmith, on Haight Street.

Best wishes, Katherine Tillotson

Anna Alter said...

Hi Katherine! Yes I am now here in SF, thanks for the tip I'll go check it out. Any other suggestions for great local book stores to visit are welcome, just getting to know the area.

Meghan McCarthy said...

Great review Anna!